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Soaring Singles of College Place

Reaching and empowering single adults to create Christ-centered, safe places for fellowship, nurture and service.

Adventist Singles Adult Ministry (ASAM) is a Christ-centered ministry for single adults and their family members to enjoy spiritual and emotional growth, fellowship, fun and interaction with others.

  • Virginia Jeffery, 509-876-6815
  • Doris Smith

Download the 2018-19 Brochure   -- am sorry that we do not have a 2019-2020 brochure; however am leaving this up for the timebeing.

Upcoming Events -- all tentative based on COVID-19


Outreach Opportunities

  • Smile as you pass people along the way.
  • Sweep leaves or shovel snow for neighbors.
  • Flower and Banana Bread to shut-ins or those needing a bit of cheer, yearly the Sabbath closest to May 1st.
  • COVID-19, think of/look for ways to help.  I started to list some but decided it is best for God to impress you on what you can do.  Ask Him, He will tell you.


Virginia will begin to read and study "The Great Controversy" on Sunday, March 22, 2020.   Everyone is invited to participate by individually reading and studying.   She is using the E.G. White Study Guide found at  .   What Virginia loves about Mrs. White's writings is that they point us to Jesus, they tell of the importance of studing our Bibles.  There will be no "assigned" lessons, just an encouragement to study every day.   On sunny, warm days, when possible, she will be going outdoors for walks, picnics, adventures and all are invited to join at the various random activities.   These activities is where discussion will be held on what has been studied.   Pray for this study time!



Recent Activities



March 15-23, the Revelation of Hope Series with Taj Pacleb was wonderful.   If you were not able to attend or would like further information about this ministry, go to


February 8-9, 2019,  was our Singles Awareness Weekend.    Through the messages shared through Dennis Crabbe, as well as the music by Aletha on Friday, and Violin Praise on Sabbath afternoon, God definitely blessed us all.   So many answers to prayer and the Holy Spirit's presence was vividly with us throughout our time together.   We missed those of you who couldn't make it, and enjoyed making new friends among those who were able to join us.    Photos below.





















 Christmas Party, December 9, 2018.    Time to remember Christ and all He has done for us.   He has given us good food, desire and opportunities for fellowship, good friends and opportunities to spend time with them and places to meet new friends, laughter, joy, peace, hope, and love.   Thank you to Doris Smith for these photos.   









Kaner Flats Campout, July 27-29, 2018 - We had a wonderful time with 34 who camped and 8 who joined us for Sabbath.   If you didn't join us this year, we would love to have you join us next summer! 










Bennington Lake, May 26, 2018 - God gave us a beautiful day for the walk around the lake.   Some went all around, while others chose to moisy around on the west side of the lake.  Afterwards we went to Doris' house for supper followed by a short vespers.   In Scripture we learn of individuals who are unmarried yet devoted to God.   Lydia, a successful and satisfied business woman,  a witness to others, and after Paul and Silas were released from prison they met with other believers in her home.   Anna, graced by the Spirit of God to be a prophetess for Israel, became widowed after 7 years of marriage, then devoted the remainder of her life to serving the Lord and lived to be at least 84 years of age.    She witnessed the presentation of the infant Jesus at the temple and praised God and proclaimed to all that He was the long-awaited Messiah.   John the Baptist had a calling from God to prepare the way for the coming Messiah.   He calls a nation to repentance, stands against evil kings, and dies a martyr's death.   Most importantly we have Jesus who came and lived as an example for us for our daily living.   He was tempted as we are if not more so as in the wilderness.   He lived the life of an unmarried individual yet He also blessed marriages - an example to us that both are equally good.   May our focus be on Christ as we strive to learn what His purpose is for our lives.   May we strive always to be like Jesus!