College Place Village Church

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Deacon Resources

A list of active deacons and their contact information can be accessed here.

Associate Head Deacon Schedule (2nd Quarter, 2019)

Weekend Beginning Left Foyer Right Foyer Roving Deacon
May 4 Auggie Herrera Neil Car Cam Stewart
May 11 Ken Seibold Ray Geigle

Brian Huxel

May 18 Greg Lorren Alan Davis Auggie Herrera
May 25 Larry Serl Cam Stewart Rolly Hedrick
June 1 Ray Geigle Brian Huxel Neil Carr
June 8 Rolly Hedrick Greg Lorren Ken Seibold
June 15 Auggie Herrera Larry Serl Alan Davis
June 22 Ken Seibold Ray Geigle Greg Loren
June 29 Cam Stewart Neil Carr Brian Huxel


Deacon of the Week (2nd Quarter, 2019)

Weekend Beginning Lead Deacon 2nd Deacon Elevator Operator
May 4 Larry Goodhew Arlen Davis Roger Baltrusch
May 11 Dick Pyke Kendall Kyle Daniel Ma
May 18 Solomon Avilla Bob J Jones Richard Fogarty
May 25 Greg Evert Wes Hutson Don Zeigner
June 1 Dale Broome Miguel Madrano Dan Ellis
June 8 Randy Pierce Larry Goodhew Roger Blood
June 15 Arlen Davis Jim Smith Kendall Kyle
June 22 Roger Baltrusch Don Bias Solomon Avilla
June 29 Ed Klein Richard Fogerty Wes Hutson


Security Schedule

May 1-15 Jim Cain
May 16 - 31 Auggie Herrera
Jun 1-15 Brian Huxel
June 16-30

Jose Tinoco

July 1-15 Jim Cain
July 16-31 Auggie Herrera
Aug 1-15 Jim Nelson
Aug 16-31 Brian Huxel
Sept 1-15 Jim Cain
Sept 16-30 Auggie Herrera
Oct 1-15 Brian Huxel
Oct 16-31 Jose Tinoco
Nov 1-15 Auggie Herrera
Nov 16-30 Jim Cain
Dec 1-15 Jim Nelson
Dec 16-31 Brian Huxel