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HeartQuest and Mad Abour Marriage

March 9 - 17, 7 pm Nightly (except tuesday)

Village Church is hosting Mike Tucker, the host of LifeStyle Magazine and the hit marriage seminar, Mad About Marriage. He'll be sharing nine messages designed to assist you on your journey to genuine spirituality. In each program, Pastor Tucker explores a different aspect of spirituality and provides practical tools to assist you in discovering a more fulfilling relationship with Jesus -- “the One who has loved you all along.” Each night Pastor Tucker will begin with a few minutes of marriage tips from his Mad About Marriage seminar. 

About HeartQuest 

HeartQuest is a series of presentations by Mike Tucker designed to assist you on your journey to genuine spirituality. In each program, Pastor Tucker explores a different aspect of spirituality and provides practical tools to assist you in discovering a more fulfilling relationship with Jesus -- “the One who has loved you all along.” There are thirteen topics in total, but Pastor Tucker will be presenting 9 of them at the Village Church in March. 




01 What Is God Really Like? Everyone has their ideas about God, but what is the truth? What is He really like? Maybe the best description comes straight from God Himself.

02 Jesus, Your Heart's Desire We seem to be born with a need for something greater than ourselves, but what, exactly, are we seeking? With practical imagery, the Bible shows us that what we're looking for is Jesus. 

03 Map Quest: How the Bible Guides Your Search for God In this day of MapQuest, Google Maps, and GPS,  we're almost never lost. Except, that is, when it comes to our direction in life. The good news: we can trust the Bible as a reliable roadmap in our journey to God  -- like having GPS for life. 
04 Laws for Lovers What comes to mind when you think of the Ten Commandments? Words like negative, rigid, arbitrary? How about loving? Discover how God's laws are His promises, given as gifts to keep us in loving relationship with Him and with everyone around us.
05 Finding Closeness Through Prayer One of the most important aspects of any relationship is communication, and our relationship with God is no exception. Prayer is our tool for communicating with Him.  Jesus, God's own Son, gave an incredible model of prayer for us to follow. 
06 A Rest Along the Way Much of the technology that we use today was advertised as "time-saving." While it may have shortened some tasks, we’ve just tried to fit more tasks into every day. As a result, most of us go through life exhausted, hardly knowing God or those around us. God has something better in mind for us. It's called "Sabbath."
07 Dying to Live: Following Jesus in Baptism When you accept Jesus as your Savior and Lord, an old lifestyle dies, and birth is given to a new life.  Jesus gave us a ceremony to commemorate these things.  He gave us baptism. 
08 A Companion for the Journey: God's Gift of Marriage For many people, marriage has been a source of pain, disappointment and rejection.  This was never God’s plan. He planned for marriage to bring you joy, comfort, and a spiritual partner – someone to join you in your HeartQuest.
09 Tokens of Love! What Can You Give to Jesus? The value of a gift is not always measured in money. The most extravagant gift ever given was the gift Jesus gave to us. He gave us His all -- His life. In light of that, what can we give in return?  What do you give to the One who gave His all for you?
10 The Ultimate Reunion: Seeing Through the Grave One thing is clear: that is that nothing is very clear about death.  We wonder about it, fear it, dread it.  We are mystified by it or maybe even fascinated with it – but few people claim to actually understand it.  There are so many questions:  What happens when you die?  
11 The Final Word No one likes being judged, yet the Bible clearly speaks of a Day of Judgment, with God as the judge. How is it possible that a God who loves us unconditionally could be our judge?
12 Glory! Face to Face With the One Who has Loved You Perhaps the most amazing thing we discover when we search for intimacy with God is that God longs for us even more than we long for Him. He can hardly wait for the day when He'll come to get His children.
13 Heart Song! How Worship Brings You Closer In our media-filled culture, it's easy to find someone to admire and perhaps even worship -- actors, musicians, athletes, and more -- often to our disappointment. But Revelation 4-5 paints a picture of worship that will never disappoint. It's a picture of worship around the throne of God.

About Mad About Marriage

Marriage is a marvelous and complex relationship. Most couples have been “mad about marriage” in the sense of being madly in love with their spouse—but most of us have also been just plain mad. We are looking forward to spending a wonderful weekend with you as we explore ways to flip the switch from “mad” to “madly in love!” 

There are some “big” issues that have a very destructive effect on marriage. Some of these issues are easily identified, but some of the most destructive may be present in marriages without couples recognizing their existence. Couples struggle along, trying unsuccessfully to create a positive relationship, not realizing why their efforts at marital bliss seem thwarted. It’s important for the success of the marriage to identify and deal with negative issues.

There are several topics and "big issues" in the full series which Pastor Tucker will highlight and summarize in our March event. 

General Seminar Topics include:

• Spirituality • Communication
• Problem Solving • Forgiveness
• Marriage Insurance

“Big Issues” Topics include:

• Infidelity • Pornography
• Abuse • Finances
• Negative Past • Anger
• Men Who Don’t Lead • Too Little Sex
• Lack of Love and Respect