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Our Response to Covid-19


Worship Together


Dear Village Church Family,

Walla Walla County is working to gradually and carefully reopen the local economy and other aspects of daily living.  Village Church is in full compliance with those plans.  For several weeks we have been limited to 50 people gathering for services.  Last week those restrictions were broadened, allowing us to have 200 in attendance. 

Washington’s Phase 2 Safe Start guidelines for religious and faith organizations read thus:  Activities allowed: All religious and faith-based organizations may operate services including worship services; religious study classes; religious ceremonies; religious holiday celebrations, weddings, and funerals.  Limitations: All religious and faith based activities are subject to Phase 2 guidance which generally restricts indoor services to the lesser of 25% capacity or 200 individuals as long as 6 feet of distance is kept between people from different households.

You are welcome to join us for Children’s Sabbath School and Adult Sabbath School program and classes at 9:30 and 2nd Service at 10:45(sanctuary).

Cradle Roll 1 & 2 Sabbath School program will not resume yet due to continuing health precautions, but you can join them weekly online.  Cradle Roll 1 & 2 Online YouTube Channel (Click Here) 

Our reopening will follow state guidelines designed to ensure the health and safety of everyone and precautions crucial to reduce the spread of COVID-19.  These include the following personal guidelines:

  • Anyone experiencing sickness, fever, cough or cold should remain home
  • Senior members and those with preexisting health conditions should be particularly cautious
  • Maintenance of social distancing (6 ft.) between people from different household
  • Limited visiting indoors
  • Face covering worn while in the building
  • No physical contact between people from different households

Village staff and volunteers will be extremely vigilant to ensure the health of worshipers.  Some of the safety precautions taken include the following:

  • No general distribution of materials
  • All contributions received via receptacles at exits
  • Outdoor fellowship provided in the Courtyard area
  • Restroom use limited to no more than two at a time
  • Hand sanitizers, tissues and wastebaskets at multiple places throughout the facility
  • High touch surfaces cleaned and disinfected after each service
  • Chapel and sanctuary seating temporarily changed to keep social distancing in place
  • Hymnals, Bibles and material removed from pews
  • No fellowship meals on campus

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a good deal of hardship, suffering, fear and concern.  We are earnest about keeping everyone safe and preventing the spread of this potentially dangerous illness.  We are also looking forward to corporate fellowship and worship once again.  We honor any concern or hesitation you feel about attending functions for the time being.  If you have any concerns or questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Pastor Jeff


Children, Youth, Young Adult Sabbath School are now starting on Campus:

Primary, Young Adults, Youth, Early-Teens, and Juniors are now meeting on Church Campus outside, you will have to contact your teacher to see where they are meeting or walk around church building until you find them. 

Helping hand for those in need

Finally, there may be some in our faith community who are in particular risk of infection and in also need of special assistance.  Venturing out for groceries or other essential activities may present some individuals with particular challenges, danger and some degree of fear.  If you or someone you know is in need of special assistance please don't hesitate to contact the church office at  or 509-525-0882.  There are a number of Village Good Samaritans who would be honored to help. 

The Village pastors, church staff, and our dedicated volunteer leaders are all committed to serving you.  Although, group contact is limited during this season, we are ready and honored to serve you personally via phone, email or personal visit. 

Let us know how we can Help You?  Click Here

Online Service is still Available

If you're not comfortable coming to church in person you can join us online or on Blue Mountain Television(BMT). As usual, BMT will broadcast the Village worship service at 11 am.  We trust that God will use this broadcast in your home for His glory and the blessing of His people.  Please join us!  And invite others to as well !

Stay Healthy and Informed

In a crisis like this, it's common for misinformation to spread, and it can be difficult to figure out who and what to trust. Here are some reliable resources that can connect you with accurate and helpful info.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

The CDC is the leading national public-health organization in the U.S. and has up-to-date info on COVID-19 (coronavirus).

Washington State Department of Health

Get up to date on what our State is doing to protect our community

                                     Taking Care of Your Mental Health

Uncertainty and confusion can have a harmful effect on your mental health. This article from the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention gives you five ways to take care of your mental health in the face of uncertainty.

Three more resources for our children – Topic:  Coronavirus

  1.  A simple little book to reassure children and to teach them the basics about the Coronavirus in almost any language you may think of!
  2. And a wonderful short and heart-warming video from Southern Asia Pacific Division:
  3. Seven Ways to Support Kids with Anxiety about the Coronavirus”