College Place Village Church

Seek God faithfully | Serve others diligently | Share the gospel boldly.


Pastoral Staff

Jeff Kinne

Lead Pastor
Jeff is a native to the northwest and a new grandpa. His love for Christ and for people motivates his vision for the Village Church. As lead pastor Jeff oversees all the ministry and evangelism efforts of the church, trains and develops ministry leaders. One of Jeff's greatest joys is spending time in the children's Sabbath School rooms every Sabbath.

Steve Walikonis (Recently Retired)

Administrative Pastor
Steve has been in the Walla Walla valley for a large portion of his ministry career. Having been an associate pastor at the Village Church for 20 years, Steve knows everyone, and his kindness and big hugs prove it. Steve conducts a Wednesday morning prayer meeting, preaches for church, conducts funerals and weddings, oversees the budget, and manages operations of the church facility.

Dan Solis

Associate Pastor
Dan is a fixture in the Walla Walla Valley, and many outside the church know him for his long-term investment in kids through volunteer coaching at Walla Walla Valley Academy, directing Walla Wall Valley Camps every summer, and training young actors while directing the Village Players acting group. As associate pastor at the Village Church Dan is responsible for integrating new members, coordinating pastoral visitation, and helping members discover God's calling in their life and their place in the ministries of the church. He also preaches and leads out in the Young Adult ministries of the church.

Ministry Staff

Chad Washburn

Outreach Coordinator
Chad came to the Village Church from pastoring in Southern California. As outreach coordinator Chad manages outreach events, and trains and organizes our outreach leadership team members. Chad has a passion for health ministry and often coordinates with SonBridge in hosting health-related events.

Support Staff

Jody Johnson

Office Manager
Jody has lived in the great Northwest for most of her life.  She loves hiking in the beautiful mountains and camping with family and friends, as well as, gardening. She has two boys and a sister. With a heart for people, Jody feels blessed to be part of the hub of church activity as the office manager. Among the many tasks Jody tackles every week are assembling the church bulletin information, answering myriads of questions from members and visitors over the phone and through email, coordinating the use of vehicles and church facilities, scheduling the Youth Center, and much more.

Sherry Keller

Sherry and her husband have two kids and love being part of the church. As treasurer Sherry is responsible for coordinating the financial side of church operations, evangelism and ministry. Sherry often gives valuable input into the vision and direction of the church and her generosity and kindness lubricate the gears of ministry.