College Place Village Church

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Ways to Give (Online, Snail Mail, or Drop chute at Office Only)

Check or Cash

Tithe and Offering envelopes are available in the pews and from the church office. Put your cash or check in the offering plate during church, or bring it to our church office. 

College Place Village Church
715 SE 12th St
College Place, WA 99324

eCheck, Credit or Debit

Adventist Giving online processes electronic checks, debit and credit card donations for our church. 

Give Online

Volunteer Your Time

Whether or not you have a lot to give financially, there are many ways the church facility and programs could use your time and talents. Our ministry placement pastor, Dan Solis is available to help you find your niche. Contact Pastor Dan and let him know what your skills and availability are so that he can help you explore the various ministry possibilities. 

Why We Give

We believe that everything we are and everything we own is a gift from God. When we give to God we are giving back what He already owns. The Bible asks us to give a tithe, or tenth, of all our increase as a testimony of our faith in God to provide for our present and future needs (Leviticus 27:30–34; 2 Chronicles. 31:4–5; Proverbs. 3:9–10; Malachi 3:8–12). Along with our tithe God invites us to participate with Him in funding the work of the Gospel in our communities and throughout the world through free-will offerings. Unlike the tithe, the Bible doesn't identify a percentage of our income that should be dedicated to offering, but a common practice is to give five percent to offering. In one Bible story the king had a chest built and invited people to give freewill offerings to support the repair and renovation of the temple.

At the Village Church we pool your tithe with the tithe from other Adventist churches in the northwest to support pastors, teachers and church administration throughout the eastern Washington area. Our church operating budget and local evangelism efforts are dependent on your freewill offerings. We trust you'll see the value of a well maintained facility for the use of ministry and evangelism and as a result give generously as God has blessed you. We don't encourage equal giving because not all have been given the same amount. Instead we encourage sacrificial giving according to your ability.