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December 12: Prayer for the 10/40 window: Missionaries

What is one indication Christ is coming soon? Jesus says the gospel will be preached throughout the whole world.  The Bible has been printed in just about every language in the world – not many left to go.  However the 10/40 window is where most of the worlds population is and one of the hardest places for Gospel to be Shared. 

Stretching from North Africa, through the Middle East, and into East Asia, the 10/40 Window is home to more than two-thirds of the earth's population, many of the world's major religions, the largest and fastest-growing cities, some of the world's poorest people, and the fewest Christians. Many living within this region have never heard the name of Jesus.  Let’s pray for the missionaries in this area.

From the 2018 ASR data we know that the SDA church has 33 hospitals, 350 medical/dental clinics and airbases, 5 nursing homes/retirement centers, 23 tertiary schools, and 116 secondary schools in the region.  Let pray right now right now for each of the SDA missions above and let’s pray that each one will be safe, effective, and grow.

Let’s prayer for present Adventist missionaries:
Visit AFM (Adventist Frontier Missions) and prayer for each missionary. 
Visit Gospel Outreach and pray for their missionaries:

Prayer for these Countries