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December 27: Praying for the Local Church

1 Corinthians 12: 27 “ Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it.”  Praying for the local church is so important because we are the body of Christ in our local community.  We all play important roll in the function of the Church.  You might think you’re just a pew warmer, saying, “I don’t do any ministry in the church” but it’s much deeper than that.  Yes using your gifts in the church service or on sabbath are important but you’re apart of the body of Christ wherever you go.  As Pastor Andy Stanley says "The church is not defined by a building but rather lives committed to loving God and serving people in His name."

Thank God:  Jesus we want to thank you for being the head of the Church, but most importantly head (Master) of our lives.  We thank you for the gifts you have given each one of us.  We thank you that you have given us the opportunity to represent you to our family, to our friends and to our community.  God we thank you for the body of Christ where there’s accountability, where we can grow, encourage one another, and support each other through the struggles of life.  We thank you for giving us purpose and meaning in this world, to share the love Jesus.  

Ask God:  1.  Pray for the Pastors of the Church,  2.  Pray for the elders,  3.  Adults, families, parenting kids in the way of the Lord.  4.  Children/Youth,  5.  The lost among us, including missing members, 6.  Worship Leaders 7.  T.V. Ministry volunteers and outreach, 8.  Teachers, 9.  Behind the scenes volunteers (Deacons, deaconesses), 10.  Help us to be a praying church, 11.  Spiritual Growth (Maturity), 12.  Spirit-Led (Leads us in all we do), 13.  Spiritual Gifts (Bless us as we use them, help us to find our place in ministry) 14.  Love and Unity, 15. Finances (Church Budget, Members Finances), 16.  The hurting/Sick, those who are mourning, 17.  Freedom from besetting sins, 18.  Kingdom Focus/priorities, 19.  Growth through evangelism, 20.  Our Local Community in College Place, 21.  Unresolved conflicts between members,  22.  Protection from the enemy.  23.  Prayer for specific, personal things that you may know from conversations with people in your community.

Contemplate on the words of this song:  The Church Has One Foundation | God So Loved the World | Fountainview Academy

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